Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just life stuff.....

Just a couple of pictures of some of the fruit we have been enjoying here lately. Our campus has enjoyed a bumper crop of rambutan this year, and we were fortunate to share the fruit of one of the trees with another family. (rambut=hair - see how they're hairy?) I have blisters on my hands from opening so many yesterday - we had 4 huge bags plus a big tub full, so we decided to turn one bag into popsicles, and I ended up opening all those....ow...

The other fruit here is called's often referred to by foreigners as the "stinky fruit" but I've actually (yes, I admit it) grown to like it...sort of a sweet onion-y smell (google "durian smells like" for more colorful descriptions...). Yes, those spikes (duri=spike or thorn) are really sharp!! I was told when we first came here that you have to eat it 6 times before you're allowed to say you like it or you don't - I can't remember if today was my 5th or 6th time eating it, but my tastes have gone Asian on this one - I like it...though the creamy texture of it sometimes still gets me a bit.

Still wearing my soccer part of our campus routine and extension of teaching/discipleship, we play sports as a campus 3x a week, and Wednesday is the ladies' turn to play soccer. DH has been reffing for us and he told me I had a good game, which makes me feel good...I'm waiting for my granola to finish many blessings in one day!

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  1. When I saw the pic of the first fruit, I thought it was a flower called globe amaranth. Resembles it in your pic. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's interesting to learn through your eyes, since I may never get to travel there to see for myself. Have a good one :)

  2. I love it when you share your day-to-day life with us. Makes you feel closer.
    Hugs - Elaine Moore