Sunday, October 11, 2009

His very best.....

I absolutely love this stamp - ! This is "He Knows" from Heartfelt Creations. It is huge...that is the only thing. **But** as soon as I got mine, I carefully cut it into 4 sections. There were a couple spots that were pretty tight - not surgery for the faint of heart... it fits right back together like a puzzle if I want to stamp the full image, as I did here, but I can also rearrange the pieces (move the first 3 lines over, for example, or stamp them on a card front with the rest of the verse inside the card, stamp just the bottom roses with the last sentence, stamp the roses alone or with another sentiment, etc, etc, etc.......) for an entirely different look.

I stamped the full image on Canson watercolor paper, then stamped the two rose clusters separately, and painted everything with a combination of Shimmerz, watercolor pencils, and reinkers. I haven't cleaned my palette for a while...I just let whatever I have in there dry, and revive it again when I want to paint. I use mostly the same colors anyway...

I trimmed and shaped the roses and a few leaves, then glued them onto my base panel to create dimension. Each flower center is filled with tiny glass beads. I cut the square and deckle edge with Coluzzle templates...why oh why did they have to discontinue Coluzzle? I just can't give it the way the deckle template works with the square, and how easy it is to trim right up to the edge of something I want to trim around.... Sigh....

My co-worker's 5YO came in the house the other day and looked at me in amazement, and said, "My mommy said you're famous..." FWIW...thanks for visiting my humble corner of the world...!

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  1. Dear Dina!!! As russian say DinaCHKA!!!! Thank you for address, I hope you can have my little gift soon! With love from Russia Nika

  2. Dina, I thought I was the only one who never cleanes her palatte & just keeps mixing & reusing colors LOL! I love the finished card! Gorgeous! Great idea about cutting the stamp apart!

  3. Very pretty! Love your shimmery flowers with beads in the centers. When I read your comment about cutting the large verse stamp into pieces, I said out loud, "She is so smart.". Good idea about putting part of the verse on the front of the card and part inside. I had to look up the meaning of "FWIW" after I read it in your post:) Learned something new:)

  4. I just love Heartfelt Creations! This card is so pretty, I don't think I have this stamp!!