Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here is the car we purchased yesterday...for those who might be interested in such things, it's a 1996 Toyota Kijang Super, which is a model only sold in Asia, I think. It has a bench in the middle, and then 2 benches on the sides in the back. DH took it on its first outing today - took our house guest and Evan and some other friends to the harbor to take a speed boat out to Bunaken and Siladen islands for snorkeling and an afternoon outreach meeting. Tomorrow another friend is watching our kids so DH and I can have a day to ourselves in town. Looking forward to that! Ok, this is the snake that my 3 year old found on our front door...his brother had been playing with a rubber snake earlier, and we thought that was what he was talking, no. I know it's just a little guy, but it's a SNAKE. In my house. No.

Wish someone had had a video camera - we were all up on the chairs while one of the girls whacked at it with a broom...very very funny...
Guess that is enough adventure for one day! As far as the house help saga goes...I hope these girls will work out for a long while. They are doing great! House is cleaner after 2 hours than it has been in a good while.
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  1. Nice lookin' car - happy for ya!! :-) And fie to the snake!

    ~ dana c

  2. Biiiiig car!!!
    I congratulate on a new thing!!!!! Remember traffic rules!!!
    I have snake in my office. Look it -
    Have a nice day!!!
    And thanks for your blog...

  3. I saw that snake and said "NO!" ... and then read that you had the same reaction. Thanks for the free willies! :)

  4. The car looks nice. May it last you a LONG time!
    The snake thing is remiinescent of the times a mouse would get into my house growing up. My Mom was so afraid of those little creatures. Up on the chair she's go, and wait for help, screaming all the while.

  5. Never, ever a dull moment at your house Dina. :o) Enjoy the adventure with your family!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!