Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life's perks....

I love a clever saying to go along with a coffee or tea card...this compact and sweet little set from smARTworks is a really fun one. (it's called Coffee Time - you can see other cards made with it here!) I pulled out some coordinating scraps for my layout, and found a wrapper from one of my favorite Stash teas, Decaf Chai. Love me some chai. Mm. The mug is pieced, and I colored the coffee in with a marker, then layered over that with a glaze pen.

Played soccer far we have played married vs. singles, and though most of us married ladies are "older," many of us have played together for a while, so we connected a little better as a team. Now we are all mixed together so the teams are "even." I lost my footing one time and had a good laugh as I fell - ended up with a terrible rash from the grass...then right at the end, I ran up alongside someone to try to get the ball and some hard-and-fast-moving part of her body connected with the inside of my knee...still nursing that a will probably inspire more purple cards tomorrow! Hee hee...

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  1. Hey, Dina!
    FYI - Some time ago I read "somewhere" that smARTworks has the gallery set up so one can choose to view the cards made by stamp set. I looked for it way back then but didn't find it easily. NOW because you posted as you did, I found it and am so happy! In fact, I have discovered several stamp sets that I don't yet have but NEED. (If that's possible.) The "Coffee Time" set is one of them. Love those cards!

  2. This is just charming!! I love your paper collage and colors!! So warm and cozy!!