Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life's a dance you learn as you go......

Frustrating day with my helper yesterday...and trying to find my balance between allowing her to just cook and clean and find her own routine as long as things are getting done being anal about the cleaning schedule and menu I have posted because it is my house and I'm in charge, and when we do things on scheduled days we know that they get done regularly. This is totally my 'melancholy' temperament shining through - schedules and charts and consistency, do it right the first time...which doesn't so well translate into a culture that is not structured on time or task... sigh...

OK, venting over. :) Choosing joy. On to the cards.

These 2 cards were made with the "Free" set (that's the name of the set, not the price........though if you'd like to bid on this set at auction, I have divided it into 2 smaller sets and the price of each is still at a penny - that's almost free! :) Auctions end this Friday, 8/14.......)

Not a lot to explain here really - I stamped the dancer then masked with a punched circle and stippled ink around the circle's edge. The sentiment is stamped in the same ink along the left side of the panel. Flowers are all punched.

The second card is super simple, and all that is stamped is the sentiment, but I love this layout, and how the sentiment is framed in the oval. Great way to use up matching scraps, too, without having to match a colored image. On with my mornings have been busy lately, filling out excuse slips for students missing class because of sickness - this flu bug is really making the rounds here...right now it's worst in the mens' dorms. With so many students from different backgrounds, too, my ministry as "campus nurse" has really deepened to more of a teaching role, as people come with skewed ideas about medicine, don't understand rest, importance of drinking water, disease prevention, etc. Lots of things this year that are throwing me on the Lord, to really work out His patience, gentleness, and love in and through me. Whew!

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  1. These are both gorgeous, girl! Love the sentiment on the 2nd one!

  2. Gorgeous cards and detailing, Dini!!! Beautifully done!!!

  3. hang in there Dina - you are doing good work!

  4. Both of these are gorgeous!!!