Thursday, June 11, 2009

happy mail...

Yesterday we went to the post office to check on a few packages we have been waiting a long time for, and came home with nothing...they had one package that had just arrived, but hadn't been processed by customs yet. I was sure the last package (3rd of 3) from my inlaws was lost or had been stolen, with my Neopiko marker set in it...and our pepperoni...not sure which would be a greater loss! I woke up in the middle of the night in knots over it...sigh...this evening just before dinner, our 'town guy' came in with 3 packages for us - the missing package, new stamps from Impression Obsession, and the latest DK sets from smARTworks! Messy desk...busy night! Lovin' it.
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  1. Yippee!! Enjoy all of it - especially the pepperoni! :)

  2. My Pastor use to say a messy desk is a sign of a genius!!