Monday, May 18, 2009

random product testing

DH and I found ourselves on the graduation committee for the training center we serve at, so that has been taking up much of our any stamping time I've had has been short and a bit frenzied. Here's a little somethin'-somethin' I played with at some point - I found a pad of canvas in the art paper section at the bookstore in town. Never seen a pad of canvas before, and there's no brand name or anything on it, but surely if it's available here it's available where you are. It's basically a pad of artist canvas - 10 sheets, spiral bound, intended for oil or acrylic. Thought I'd play around with different inks and coloring mediums, just to see what worked well and didn't.

The piece is labeled directly, so you can see the results. None of the inks bled, that was cool - but the Versafine gave the clearest image. Looks like my Stazon pad needs reinking! The canvas accepted all coloring mediums I used, but with differing results. The acrylic paint was quite watered down, so the outline of the image would still show. That made the color a bit more washed out than I wanted, but it blended well. I like the sand/shadow area of this sample the best. Watercolor pencils worked well too, and I could have gone back and layered more color there for a greater contrast. Shimmerz - I wouldn't probably paint an entire image with just Shimmerz, but they did lay down and dry fine on the canvas, and would work well as accents over a painted image. Oddly, I had the most color control with my Prismacolor pencils, blended with a lot of OMS. I had a little fun with reinkers too, but not on this piece. With the alcohol markers on order, there's another option for use on this fun stuff - I will probably end up using the canvas sheets for mixed media work...someday, when I have time again! Smiley from

(Oh, BTW, that stamp image is Solitary Ruff from Impression Obsession.)

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  1. Dina--

    This stamp's been on my wish list for awhile! ;)

    A little about canvas paper--

    It's made primarily as a practice medium, esp for students--so they can blend colors or do quick sketches, etc; because it's so much cheaper than stretched canvas but gives a similar feel for your brushwork.
    It will even take oils without bleeding through. I think it's this coating on the paper (to keep from bleeding) that has kept your watercolors from really shining... if you have oil pastels, you could try using a paintbrush with mineral spirits to take the color direct from the stick and paint with them that way. Can give the richness of oil color while still allowing you some transparency... (like watercolor, but different).

    I haven't done this for awhile myself, and not on canvas paper--but it does work on regular canvas so it should here too.

    Frederix makes a good line of canvas paper, along with their wonderful watercolor and traditional canvases; you can find these (and other supplies) cheaply at

    Hope this helps!

    Hugs from Texas,
    Kitchen Table Crafter

  2. What an awesome job on the inspiration challenge! I hope you are feeling better!! Your family is in my prayers!