Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The search party for Petrus yesterday found nothing. Co-workers were able to contact another family in his area by radio yesterday, and those people were going to take the news to his wife Yuhana and the children (Kristina, Christian, Kristianna, & Kristianty) this morning...they obviously knew that the boat did not arrive as scheduled, but otherwise had no idea what had happened, or that the other passengers were safe while Petrus was gone. His traveling partner Frans will continue on with the remaining supplies when he is able, but he is understandably devastated. Poor guy...such a hard situation all around. This picture was taken about 2 years ago for their family prayer card.

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  1. Thanks for posting this picture, Dina. We're praying for this family and their friends as they deal with this tragedy. May God be glorified, and may they have peace and comfort.

  2. This is so heartbreaking. I'd hoped for better news. Will the family be well cared for?

  3. This is just heartbreaking, I feel so sad for this beautiful family.