Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indigo Bunting

This is one of the new releases from smARTworks, called Indigo Bunting - I'm such a sucker for bird sets, and this one has some great sayings to go along with it. I watercolored the bird - this is a different focal color for me! - then added some highlights with a white colored pencil. How amazing, huh - they really are that blue! Students are back and classes start up again today - we have 17 students on campus and more in other areas either learning a tribal culture/language or building relationships in their local churches. get back into a solid routine now that things are rolling at the campus again. Normally I sit in on classes a couple hours a week if we can finish homeschool stuff in time; otherwise I need to be available for health/medical needs of the campus, discipleship and relationships in general, and of course - afternoon sports times!

While one of the other staff ladies is gone (3 weeks), I'm borrowing her house helper - the hope is that she will be a positive and motivating influence on my other helper. Pray for that! The last couple months have been frustrating, and I realize that a lot of it is miscommunication, as my American culture and her tribal culture try to meet in an culture that neither of us fully have a grip on yet! Ugh...
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  1. this is really pretty love the blue

  2. Sweet little birdy!
    Hey, sorry I didn't get anything sent to you with Sekry! :-( My bad!!!!!

    ~ dana c

  3. Beautiful watercoloring. Love the blues!! I left an award for you on my blog!!