Thursday, December 18, 2008


We had our campus Christmas program last night, combined with a commissioning of 7 students who have finished the first course of the missions training program here. I was involved in pretty much anything that involved practicing, music, printing, or graphic design, so it was sweet to see things all come together and run very smoothly. Here's a picture of our extended family - students we consider "our kids"....I'm going to miss them when they go away for break! But at the same time.............................really thankful for the break.

Total aside: see that necklace? It's magnetic! I love one for my daughter too. Today's also her 6th birthday, so today I have a cake to make (we found a recipe for a chocolate cherry cake - hope it turns out better than the last FLAT cake I made.....), and some other planning to do for her party tomorrow (couple crafts and a girly lunch (chicken salad sandwiches, chips, fruit skewers, and cake). One day I will have time to breathe least we made the executive decision to skip homeschool today. Yahoo! (Sad when the teacher is the one that doesn't want to do school...............) Our students have their last day of class today, so that gives me a chance to sit in on their final chapel time.

OK! Off the computer and back to life......

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  1. And just when do you find the time to breathe?! Sounds like you have many blessings in your busy life!!
    hugs, Jami

  2. Good grief! You are one busy lady!!! I'm glad you got a break from homeschooling... I'd say you need one! Hope your Christmas is filled with many more blessings (especially of having things run more smoothly).