Saturday, October 18, 2008


I will leave details to your imagination, but after the last 4 days I'm pretty sure I have a parasite. Would make sense, since I read that the symptoms appear about 2 weeks after the initial "hijack", which would have been when I was sitting with DH in the local hospital, eating food from street vendors. Thankfully DH had the right meds for me (given to him 3 weeks ago - but he didn't take them - when he had an intestinal infection)...hopefully they will work. This is sooooooo not fun.

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  1. Yikes! So glad you had the right meds! Hope they work quickly, so you can be rid of the awful thing! Have a blessed day - Knowing He holds you in His Hands!!!

  2. Oh Dina, sorry to hear that. I hope with the medication you get better.
    Sending you hugs!!!
    God bless

  3. Take care of yourself Dina! oh my, you are really "growing" this fall. ;o) God Bless you my sister!

    Sending hugs from Naperville by way of LA

  4. Eeek....hope those meds work for ya. Doesn't sound like fun at all!
    hugs, Jami