Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday update

Russ was in good spirits yesterday, except when given his meds……..they were giving two “nerve medicine” shots through his IV, and he said for about 25 minutes afterwards he would feel dizzy and numb on his left side again. I told the nurses and after consulting with the doctor they discontinued one of them, but apparently the other one also has the same effect. The friends that were watching him when I left last night said they would be sure to keep checking with the nurses to see if that was normal for that period of time, or possibly a reaction to the medication. He was willing to still take it if it really did have some benefit after the initial reaction, but wasn’t especially keen on the feeling it gave him.

We were able to see his scan – there was evidence of the location of the stroke, but otherwise the effect appeared extremely minimal. Thankful for that. He is still experiencing a line of numbness down his left side, but is able to lift his legs again with good control.

I’m feeling better…all my labs came back normal, which didn’t surprise me. :) Just feeling nauseous from a new med they gave me to keep lowering my cholesterol. Will go back to sit with Russ at the hospital today. Today and tomorrow are holidays marking the end of Ramadan, so the specialist will be taking a couple days off. He told Russ that he would evaluate him again on Friday and hoped to be able to send him home. Pray as we consider going to Singapore once Russ is stable, for a full check-up and consultation with a doctor there regarding follow-up and therapy, etc.

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  1. How difficult that would be - foreign country, foreign doctor - I cannot imagine what you are going through! Glad to hear Russ is doing better & will pray that the Singapore trip can be arranged soon!!! Hugs & blessings!

  2. Dina,
    Just a little note to say I have been thinking about you and your husband and praying for you!

  3. ((((Dina)))) You, Russ and the kids have been on my mind and heart so much since Russ had his stroke. I'm praying that God will meet your every need. Many people are praying for you and I ask more each time I come into contact with someone.

  4. we are definately praying for you an Russ and all those involved in his care. My mother just had a TIA (mini stroke) and so far there appears to be no lingering effects. Praying Russ has a full recovery. God Bless you both!

  5. Dina, sending prayers and hugs your way. Hang in there....I'm glad to read you have some help with the kiddies....much easier to focus on Russ when you know your kids are taken care of...sending you cyber hugs...

  6. Still keeping you in my prayers. I, too, have physical symptoms of stress so am praying you let God shoulder the stress for you as He is much better at it than us! And praying for a complete recovery for Russ! God bless!