Saturday, July 05, 2008

What I did today...

This is 8 of our 12 totes...I think we managed to keep 3 of them to the required weight, and the rest are overweight to the tune of $50 a piece....but they are all labeled and itemized, and ready to go! That's the important thing...God will provide for the extra weight and baggage fees! Just so we get them all over with us. 9 days! 9 days! Hardly seems real......

I have to sing in 3 services tomorrow and I haven't practiced with a piano...that will be interesting!

I spent some time over the last couple days updating the smARTworks design team gallery/blog - feel free to check it out! Now when you click on a label to sort by a particular set name, the catalog page will also come up so you can see the full set. Click on the catalog page and it will take you to the pdf. Hopefully that will be a helpful addition!

I got some happy mail today - forever ago I splurged and ordered the Spring Club stamps from Magnolia Stamps, located in Sweden. They arrived at our CA address after we left there, and were finally forwarded on to me this week. They are so cute! Can't wait to play.
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  1. I got your RAK today, thank you so, so, so much!! It made my day. You'll love the Magnolia stamps. I only have a couple of them, but I think they are my favorite stamps to play with!! :) Enjoy!

  2. Oh, it looks like you're finally (almost) there with the packing! It has been a long hard fight, hasn't it? And... you're right - the Lord will provide for the fees - he's never let you down yet! So glad He's a faithful God! I haven't any Magnolia stamps, but keep seeing them EVERYWHERE - so will probably have to break down & buy some : ) HANG in there girl, you're almost home. I can almost hear the (future) sighs of relief from all of you!

  3. Just was at the smARTworks design team gallery/blog, and what a great feature to click on the particular set name. Thanks! I'll be visiting there again.