Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my new favorite stamp

Just had to get my mind off traveling and the events of the day. Blog, blog, blog. Such a day...we left my hometown yesterday after send-offs in all 3 services at church, and that was hard...one of the few places that I feel "at home" away from our home overseas...and now back on the road, living out of suitcases and our sad minivan, in between worlds and frankly a little sad and lonely today. BUT - taking things one day at a time. And thankful for the many things the Lord is teaching me about me and about Himself.

Here is a stack of cards I can share today - I do love to do one-of-a-kind cards and rarely reproduce or mass-produce, but I needed a stack of thank you cards for the road, and I couldn't believe how quickly and easily this design came together. The flourish is from smARTworks' new set called "Stella" and I'll admit...I bought the set just for the flourish stamp (it comes in 2 sizes, too!). Love it. I used a single inkpad (Versafine Vintage Sepia), and stamped a few times before reinking. Simple, and 12 cards were done quickly. I actually used a similar design a few days later to make some portfolios of our ministry information to share with some new church contacts.

Speaking of that Versafine pad, I'd like to plug the Bargain Garden - they have the pad at a great price, but the one I received from them was a little dry, and not what I expected after being soooo pleased with my first super-inky Versafine pad. When I wrote to ask about the pad, and if they had contact information for the company, the owner immediately wrote me back and said she would put a new pad in the mail the same day. How sweet is that? So send a little love her way. She has the Versafine pads (Sepia and Onyx Black) at $4.99 (I think I actually paid $8+ for mine in a stamp store), and also if you like the look of the Versamagic Chalk inks I like to use, she has some 4-packs of the dewdrop pads for $4.99 as well. Look around for a lot of other great deals too! Great site!
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  1. You're such an enabler today! Thanks! I had a brand new Versafine pad to fall apart. I wrote Versafine, sent the pad back & they not only replaced the pad but sent me an extra one! I was impressed. Have a great day!!

  2. Hey! Happy travels, girl! Will be praying for y'all as you drive along. Keep looking up!
    Love these cards, too. :-) Simple and elegant.
    Love ya, dana c

  3. Love these cards - I had that stamp set on my "list" but finally cut it from my final order. Now, of course, you're making me think I *need* it, LOL!

    Continuing to pray for you guys...

  4. I feel so bad that I haven't been visiting your blog. I need to keep up with you and my other friends.

    I do love these "Thank you" cards.
    So soft looking.

    We are still praying for you and your family.

    Take care.

  5. Hi Dina! Just wondering which page those wonderful flourishes can be found on?
    Hope you are doing well!
    Tracey (Racey-scs)

  6. I just read your entire blog post! I am sending you big hugs and many prayers for our Lord to grant to you all that need!
    Tracey (Racey - SCS)

  7. Hi Miss Dina :) So get your atlas out and see where Battle Ground is as you head north on I-5...that's how close you'll be to me- but closer in spirit as I lift your family to the Lord! Your cards are great- there's nothing wrong with mass production- makes great birthday gifts! Blessings and joy for the journey :) <>< Sue

  8. Thanks for this wonderful thank-you card idea! It's so great. I do mass production for cards I need at church, and this is GREAT! What page is it on at smARTworks? Be encouraged!

  9. Hi Dina. I hope your travels go well. Sorry to hear that you are sad and lonely. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be traveling so much, living out of a suitcase, missing home, and what not!

    I love your cards. They are so elegant!! I have been over to visit smARTworks' to try to find the Stella set but I can't find it. Would you be able to post a direct link to the set when you have a chance?? No problem if you can't, I'll just keep searching.


  10. Great cards!! I hope that you are feeling less sad and lonely this week and that the Lord is giving you much comfort in Him!