Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1 stamp 2 ways

Here are a couple more samples using my new stamps from Heart and Soul Rubber Stamp Co. (I'm sending in my 2nd order tomorrow, and am including these 2 cards for the gallery - have I enabled anyone else yet?) I'm so frustrated with my new glasses - they distort shapes and I'm having the most terrible time telling if things are straight or not. Seriously, I'm going to get used to that? Looking at these pictures now, the single verse card looks totally crooked - but I can't tell when I'm looking at it in front of me. Soooooooooo annoying. Like see how in this picture the bottom looks wider than the top because of the angle? That's how I am seeing it for real, except things are wider at the top if they're right in front of me, or like a parallelogram if they're off to the side (the far top corner stretching away from me).

A few card details: The single verse card has Basic Grey paper and also some paper that I found at the Dollar Tree - has sort of a batik look to it. I used some of the other pieces on our display board that we take to churches.

On the hands card - I love that image! - I watercolored the hands, and chopped up the saying. Each piece is mounted with foam tape. I used some poorer quality watercolor paper - I was hoping the blue and green would blend a little more but this paper just soaked in the pigment before I could blend it. Grrr.

I shared with the ladies' group at church tonight - it was a small group of 7 ladies, so not too nerve-wracking. I sat on the floor and just talked about some of our experiences, etc. overseas, how we have seen the Lord's faithfulness through some very hard times in the last year. Good stuff.

Good night!


  1. I love that hand image - and I love how you colored it, even if it didn't turn out exactly as you had hoped. Just gorgeous! Love both of these cards!!

  2. Your cards are awesome! And good luck with the glasses...I think you'll probably get used to them, but it will take time. I have super bad eyesight and so I have to get glasses with super high-index lenses. As a result, mine are always AWFUL when I first get them, I think I will NEVER get used to them! (And I just had to order new lenses yesterday! Argh!) Anyhoo...Eventually they always end up better than the old lenses before them. So chin up...and I'll pray that they work for you. I know how you need to be able to see your work (and everything else) without distortion!

  3. Hi Dina,
    I am interested in ordering stamps from Heart and Soul but want to know how you use the unmounted rubber? Do you attach them to a cling type cushion or use double sided tape or other method? I would love to be able to buy them at $1.50. Thanks, Connie (email