Friday, November 30, 2007

a little birdie told me......

.......I have a card in the new Take Ten?! I knew I had a card in a magazine...somewhere...but it wasn't in the one the publisher told me it was in. So...I'm excited! This is the card, I guess (right, Susan?) - using all smARTworks stamps!

Been way too long since I made this card...not really clear on all the details, but I think...I did the flower using a faux watercolor technique with Versamagic inks (ink stamp, mist with water, stamp). The ladybug has a drop of Crystal Lacquer on it so it's all raised and shiny-like. :)

I should soooooooo not be on the computer right now (1 AM?)...but DH is moaning and has chills, and my stomach is rather than disturbing him every time I have to get up, I just decided to leave the bedroom for a while. :) Sigh....
I spent 10 hours on the computer getting those prayer cards designed for the students - thankful to have them done but I was about brain dead by the end of the day. I actually went to bed at 7, so I'm not surprised that I'm wide awake in the middle of the night! Tomorrow...looks like a day of nursing DH and otherwise packing like there is no tomorrow!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on being published!LOVE the card!

  2. Love the card! Congrats! Love your blog! Thanks for changing your header!! Joyce (in Denver)

  3. Dina!
    Love the soft colors and ladybug. Beautiful!