Saturday, October 06, 2007

little bit o' life here...

This is what I get to see every night from my front porch. At the end of a long day, to see that, how can I complain? God's in His heaven, all's right with the world. ;)

No stamping today - we had people working around our house all morning, and this afternoon I had an friend come who wanted to learn how to make pizza, then her family and another family joined us for dinner.

I also fired my second house helper - via text message! How tacky is that?! Just had it with her - she had supposedly been helping care for her sick grandma, which was a lie, and she'd been gone for 8 days - then she turned around and told her mom (so mom wouldn't find out she lied to me) that she wasn't coming back because she was waiting for my other instead of being mad at their daughter for lying, the parents are angry with and blaming the other girl. Ugh. Still a few details that don't quite add up right, but we'll see what happens.

Another funny thing that happened - yesterday we were at the house and someone came asking if they could borrow our car to take family members back to their village - his mother in law had died (he and his wife are some of our national coworkers, as are several of their children). When they got there (it's about a 3 hour drive), come to find out that she wasn't really dead! She'd passed out for about 4 hours, and they'd taken her off oxygen, but apparently she was still breathing (you'd think in a hospital a doctor would notice that, right?). So - we all got a good laugh about it here - there were several people planning to take a car up there for the funeral today, whose plans got cancelled 'cause......Grandma didn't die. :)

Yesterday I think the power went out 5 times. Today...only 2!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous view!! And what a great that Grandma didn't die! I'm so glad she didn't. :D
    And yay for decreasing power outages!!

  2. It sounds like you "need" to see this sunset after days like you have!! LOL

  3. Gorgeous sunset - love those palm trees!
    Funny story - I'm glad Grandma didn't die after all, too! How great that your power outages are down to only 2 - thank you God!