Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Nooooooooo stamping 14 month old burned the palm of his left hand very badly on the oven door as we were preparing dinner tonight so we ended up running out the door to the doctor (thank God for live-in househelp!). We got him to a doctor and have medicine for him (the usual issue here, antibiotic, pain & fever med, and a salved gauze) – after lots of tears he’s proved to be quite a trooper, but since he’s still not walking he’s going to be very limited in what he’ll be able to do until it heals. Please pray for patience for us and endurance for him, also for protection from infection....we are all sooooooooo tired from our travels through the middle of the night....


  1. Oh, No! So sorry to hear about your little one! I will pray for his protection (AND your patience & stamina!)

  2. OMG! Poor little tike! You'll all be in our prayers here!