Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How do ya make those clouds?

Since I had someone ask how to make clouds using a scalloped circle, here's a quick visual - sorry the pictures are soooooo fuzzy! Hopefully you can still 'get it'....

There are 2 ways you can make clouds using the scalloped circle punch. The first way is essentially inking the sky, using the clouds as a mask. For this technique you're using blue ink or chalks, not white. Use your scalloped circle, and push the ink from the circle to the card. You'll want to work in small segments, and change the angle of your circle each time you ink, so your clouds don't all look like little cupcake tops! It does take a little practice. I usually start at the top of my piece, and work down - a row of clouds at the top, then another slightly below... if you're wanting lots of clouds, this way you can see where you've been and keep your sky more balance. Or sometimes just one row of clouds at the horizon is enough. Here's an example.

For darker pieces, like in this card here, I create the clouds using the sky as a mask. This uses a piece of cardstock from which you've cut a scalloped circle. For this technique you'll be using white ink. Move the ink from the mask to the card. Again, you'll want to work in small segments, and change the angle of your circle each time you ink. Start at the bottom and work towards the top, so you can see where your other clouds are. The ink I'm using here is Versamagic Chalk ink, in the Dewdrop form. Love it!

Hopefully this helps! Thanks for asking!


  1. Love your blog! I always learn cool stuff. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the lesson!

  3. I've never tried clouds - this will be a first!

  4. Thank you. That tutorial was very illuminating (pun intended)!:) I have done the clouds on white paper with a home-made template but never on dark cardstock. Love that tip! And, your cards are really good looking.

  5. Those are such fabulous looking clouds! What a great idea! I've been messing around trying to figure out how to make smaller clouds for some cards - smaller then the SU cloud template makes that is!

  6. Thanks Dina!!
    I have not tried the white on dark card stock!! I like that - I'm going to try it!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!