Sunday, June 17, 2007


I made this card a few days ago but had to wait to find the scrapbook layout that inspired the idea. I printed the layout when I found it but it's been floating around my desk for about 4 months now. Finally discovered that I'd bookmarked the page. Can't figure out how to give a direct link to the posting, so here's the page from the archives of [paper-cat/mother-cat] - scroll down to the post from Feb. 19.

I used a partial image from smARTworks (in the full image he's feeding those greens to a lamb, not picking flowers, but it works so well this way for me!), and colored it with Prismacolors, blending the colors with odorless mineral spirits.

The stitching proved to be kind of a pain - I decided to try the decorative stitching - but my thread kept jumping off that hooky thing that goes up and down (very technical, I know), and breaking - so twice I started going down the right side just poking holes instead of actually sewing. GRRR! Debated putting some flowers there to cover up the extra piercing, but couldn't get the balance right, so I left them off after all.

The horizontal strips were fun to do, and I liked having them all different lengths. Kind of a sideways version of my scrap strip fallback card otherwise.

In other news...there is a kitten trapped in our ceiling...mew...mew...mew...mew...

...and I found someone today who was thrilled to be able to fill in while we are in need of house help - she's one of our recent graduates who is waiting to go to her place of ministry, is needing something to do to save up a little money, and also needed a place to stay for a few weeks. Perfect! And we can be a blessing to each other.


  1. gorgeous! and that stitching looks great too!

  2. it's a beautiful card!!!!
    thanks for sharing!

    and thanks for linking me in your post. my layout was actually based on a layered template by audrey neal, so i can't take all the credit ;)

    have a great day!

  3. Love how you changed the image so the boy is picking flowers instead. This is a really cute stamp! I know what you mean by the kitten in the ceiling - we have swallows who build in our chimney every year - I know baby birds are sweet, but their incessant "cheeping" almost drives me crazy (& you should hear them at feeding time!)! My husband always forgets to cover the chimney top with mesh every year & then we find they've already got their nests started & eggs laid. Oh well, we can take it - it's just so nice when they can fly away & we get some peace & quiet again. So glad you found some help - sounds like a good reliable girl too!

  4. What a cute card! I love your coloring and the different pieces of designer paper behind him....too sweet!

  5. I love that boy image! And such a sweet card! I'm so glad things worked out so quickly with finding help! YAY! What a fabulous answer to pray!