Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3rd'll do.......

Got 3rd place in the Art Impressions Contest, so I have a little spare money to spend. Hmmmmmm.......although.......I do have a hit milestone coming up (shall we say 13579?)and post 150 is not far off......stay tuned for......blog cannoli????????????????

Speaking of Art Impressions, check out their site! It's all redesigned, and they have a great new line of Wilderness stamps. Very cool.

On another note...I'm sending in an application for the Impression Obsession design team call! (Thanks, Linda C., for encouraging me to apply!) The watermark fad seems to have petered out, and after this month I won't be so busy with projects, so I'll have some time. DH even said "Go for it!" and that is a rarity. The deadline is May 12th, so.....we'll see!

One more bit o' info - smARTworks has aquired some of Angi-B's designs! Cute cute cute. If you don't have their catalog yet - what are you waiting for, huh? And if you do have their catalog, make sure you ask for the free supplement! Check out their NEWS for more info...gallery, sales, updates, projects...!


  1. I voted for you and I didnt even know it was you. You are Mama Dini to everyone. You should have won-but its really whoever gets the most people to vote not what is best. Big sign. like most voting these days ;(

  2. I honestly think yours was the best too! Still, I'm glad you get a litte something!!


  3. Congrats on your win...and good luck on the design team call...you do beautiful work.