Thursday, April 26, 2007

7 tidbits about me.......

1. When I eat, everything has to come out even...comes from watching my Dad eat - he came from a large, poor family during the depression era, and if they didn't eat this way (ending up with one bite left of everything to eat at the end of their meal) they were punished - kept them from wasting food...somehow I picked it up growing up, and it stuck....not because of a consequence, but because it just seemed more orderly that way.

2. I was born in Indonesia on New Year's Day - the doctor was annoyed because he had been called in from horseback riding in the jungle, so he gave my mom something to speed her labor!

3. 6 days after I was born I had to have a complete blood exchange because of Rh incompatibility. I was declared a stateless alien (my husband says this explains a lot....) because of being an expat and had to be flown to Singapore for the procedure.

4. I have a scar under my chin from falling from monkey bars onto a metal toy baby carriage when I was 3.

5. I almost drowned when I was 5 in a friends' swimming pool, and to this day I hate to have water on my face, even in the shower.

(Mercy, I have led a sheltered but somewhat accident-prone existence - so many times, God keeps proving that He still has plans for me!)

6. I've eaten fruit bat meat, dog meat, jungle rat meat, and goat meat.

7. I've lived in 6 different US States, and set foot in 10 other countries (Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, PNG, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada)

8. *BONUS!* We have a new great-nephew (that makes me sound old, doesn't it...?) - Trey David Hilton. Congrats Nigel and Carly!

Enough tagging for me - I'm taking my jumprope and stickers and calling it a day. :) Thanks for playing, everyone, and thanks to Jovita and Shannan for the tags!


  1. lots of great information is nice to get to know you! You sure lead an interesting life...good for you!

  2. Dina thanks for playing the tag game, it was great reading all these tidbits about you :)

  3. what a cute new little one! I became a great aunt for the first time this past month too....I felt kinda old, and I am only 34, can't imagine how old my older sisters felt :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Glad you have survived all those! :) Umm just couldn't do the meat thing... ewww! :) You're very brave! LOL