Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sketch Challenge 112

Gotta post here today, since SCS has a 'no posting on Sunday' consideration...that always confuses me over here, since it's Sunday here first, then Sunday 'there' on into my Monday! Anyway...lucky you, getting a sneak peek at my SC112 card. HA!

All the stamps on this card are by My Heart Stamps for You. I'm not sure where this color combo came from, but I think I will revisit it. I like it. The watercolor pencils came out again...not sure why the picture is washed out so much, but there is water behind those girls...guess that's what I get for taking pictures at night under the Ott Lite. I picked up that ribbon when we were in Singapore and this is the first time I've used it. (!) The brown panel has a nautical background stamped over it in a similar brown, and the edges are sponged. "By the sea" is again a partial stamp...the whole saying says "By the sand, by the sea, wishing you were here with me". Cute saying...but it didn't fit, and I like using it in pieces anyway. That is faux stitching along the bottom (pin holes, and connect-the-dots).

Little update on my kiddos too - we took #3 to the doctor and she seemed to think he had German Measles, aka rubella...but I'm not so sure (the rash is on the kiddos' arms and legs, not faces or torsos). Anyway, whatever weird tropical virus they have, they seem to be getting better. Whew!

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  1. Those colors really are great! And of course your coloring job is superb as always. Thanks for sharing