Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Contest winner..........

...............wasn't me! Here was my entry in the AMRSC contest this month...looks like it placed 5th if they put them in order. GAH...the challenge...I have to keep entering until I win...then I can move on with my life! LOL What is it...am I out of my league? Are they looking for...what? Sigh...ok, Dina...chin up...

I stamped the birdhouse wreath image (from www.myheartstamps4u.com - check out their site if you love the stamp - it is 25% off this month) in Stazon black ink on watercolor paper. Out came the Derwent watercolor pencils and waterbrush again - I think that is therapy for me.... I added a few white highlights with a gel pen. Also, this is a look that appeals to me for some reason - I sketch a line with a watercolor pencil just inside the edge of the panel and pull the color in with a waterbrush. Using a brown blowpen, I added some light spotting to the panel. (seriously, the blowpens are mine, not the kids'!)
The "Friend" stamp is a partial stamp - I did cut that one because I knew I would never use the stamp whole (it came on a full sheet) - this is the original. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee bit cheesy. The background panel is done with the scrap strip technique and overstamped with a text stamp.


  1. You are KIDDING ME??? I totally voted for yours....not sure what everyone else was looking for, but yours is Fantabulous

  2. What's up with these crazy people????? At least you know you have lots of admirers, whether you win a contest or not! I'm your #1 fan! :-}

  3. I'm dissapointed too that you didn't win. Those others ladies must advertise or pay for votes.
    I really like the colors and the water coloring on this card. ...and your strip background...

  4. Now that I'm awake,and seeing what I said last night, let me clarify that the "pay for" comment was a joke.
    The truth is some people belog to large boards or groups and if they mention that they have a card in the contest, their friends will go and vote for them. Make sure you enter Eureka's contest and other's like it, where there will be judges based on your work and not how many friends you can point to the website to vote.
    Your work is beautiful!