Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I went to place my Joann order before the free shipping and Ott lite sale was over......the Ott bulb I needed is out of stock, and the CB folders are apparently out of stock too! I ended up just getting a bulb on ebay (grrrr, for $5 more than I was going to originally get it for at Jo's), and forgetting the embossing folders for now....sigh.....I need to get something for my light - I've been sitting in the dark at my desk since October - I had ordered 2 bulbs on ebay for $8 apiece and they never made it to my in-laws - and I want to get a bulb in a care package that our Bible study group in CA is sending out to us soon.

Nothing stamped to share today...I have a half-finished navy version of the bear card in the previous post, but that's about it. Not done yet. I did order a catalog from smARTworks...they don't have their full catalog online, but the teaser they do have has got me verrrrrrrry interested! I've been on a quest for images of children that are cute/realistic/a little bit vintage, without being cutesy. They have some pretty pressed flower images too. Guess we'll a month or two.....!

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  1. let us know what you think of the catalog. It looks interesting.... mnhyrkas