Saturday, January 06, 2007

Going tribal card #2

Here's that card I was working on...this is my second entry for the Art Impressions contest next month (theme: Going Tribal). I know the shield images are African, but they just went so well with the paper and there they are. :) I stamped them on colored cardstock and added shading and highlights with my Prismacolor pencils. That batik paper is actually wrapping paper - isn't it beautiful? The border around the window is faux stitching - I poked holes at even increments around the window and 'connected the dots' with a white gel pen. It reminded me of some furniture we saw here (in one of the stores where we can't afford anything) that was black leather with white stitching...I promise that part of the card looks better in real life! I cut out around part of the middle man's hand and stuck the spear in it (my husband is proud of that feature - it was his idea!), over the bow he's actually holding. It really looks like he's coming out of the picture, don't you think? I wouldn't to mess with him.........

Those swirly flourishes in the corners are alphabet stamps, stamped with Brilliance Moonlight White ink.....I don't have a flourish stamp from AI (not sure if they have one or not?) so I had to make do with what I had. If you look close, maybe you can make out an s, l, r, y...? :)


  1. I'm going to have a hard time deciding which card to vote for. They're both marvelous pieces of artowrk.

  2. Beautiful! I'll be shocked if you don't win the Tribal card contest with one of your 2 cards..... The W's will love this one, for sure!

  3. This was the one I voted for. I love that you made a swirl stamp out of an alpha.

  4. I was going over your old posts because I was fascinated by your blog...your mission work mostly and your cards too. What an incredible way to share the gospel with bloggers too! That story about he Moi tribe is amazing. I had to get my husband and read it to him. We are disciples in Houston, TX. My sister and law and her husband were missionaries in Brasil and we were able to visit them there and that was wonderful. They had graduated from Rhema Bible School. We aren't in a foreign country but I like to think of us on a Mission field here in the states. Anyway, long comment but I just was grateful to see your blog. My cards aren't as good by I try to combine my faith and my art on my blog too.

    Okay, that's all. Thanks for keeping us in your loop!

    Have a great day!