Art Prints

I enjoy painting, and have had quite a few requests for prints of my work. I'm so honored that you want to have my artwork in your home! 

These are the prints I have available for preorder.  (Preordering prints gives me a good feel for how many prints I should order, saves you a little money, gives me the money to order ahead of time, and allows for some customization as well.) 

All other prints are available in my web store.

Shipping for US orders will be added in the Paypal shopping cart. I am also happy to ship internationally - however, international shipping is not calculated in the Paypal cart. It will be calculated according to weight and you will be billed separately.

Preorder - 5" x 7" print - $12.00 + shipping
Preorder - 8" x 10" print - $20.00 + shipping


  1. Your art is simply beautiful, Dina! I look forward to giving gifts of your "Held" art to friends who are going through very challenging times. Blessings! And thank you!

  2. I love your 'Held' art piece! So moving.
    I was late getting to my emails because of internet problems. Could I still order? Brenda West;

    1. Brenda, yes, go ahead and order through this page. I got some extras!

  3. Dina, i will never be able to explain how much I am moved by this awesome creation. Thank you so much.

  4. beautiful! reminds me of how dumb sheep are, we are!
    and how great and powerful is our Lord and Savior!!

  5. I just finished ordering the "Held" print for my sister's birthday gift. Three females in my family are going through some heart-rendering times, and this beautiful print is perfect for them to realize they are never alone. I am hoping when finances improve, I will be able to order a couple more prints. I am also moved by the "She Paints", and your new "Kept" prints. Keep up your talented, blessed work. Linda

  6. Oh, Dina, I am in love with all your artwork, and they make such beautiful and encouraging gifts! Thank you!! Hugs!

  7. WOW! Your work is gorgeous!